What are the different types of microblading?

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There are so many options and different names when it comes to permanent makeup for your eye brows. Many question, “what are the differences and how do I know which technique would be best?” I’ll break down each technique and help you understand which are best for what skin types. 


First, we have Microblading, which is what everyone knows it by. But Microblading (aka 3D brows) is only one technique out of many. This technique creates extremely fine but natural looking hair strokes to fill in brows or to completely create new brows. There is no shading involved so there will be open space if there is not enough existing hair. This technique is best for those with normal to dry skin and not recommended for those with oily or mature skin. The reason is that oily skin can cause the ink to fade out completely or quicker than those with dry/normal skin types. As we age we lose two components; elasticity and collagen which are vital to maintaining the crispness and desired color saturation. Without these our skin can become thin and slow down the skin cell turnover leaving the microbladed strokes dark, smudged and grey which typically results in switching to ombré or microshading later down the road. 


Second, third and fourth; we have ombré brows, powder brows and microshading. These three are quite similar but have noticeable differences. Both help in creating shape and color either with existing brow hair or none at all. This technique is done by placing small dots of pigment into the skin, softy shading in the desired area. Now you may be asking, “soo, what’s the difference?” Ombré has a soft faded beginning and darkens towards the tail of the brow, giving a soft makeup look. Powder brows is a softly shaded brow giving a soft and natural shape. Microshading on the other hand is a fully shaded brow from beginning to end giving a full makeup look. Ombré brow, powder brows and microshading are great for all skin types. 



Fifth is Combination Brows. This can be a combination of microblading+ombré brows or Microblading+microshading and microblading+powder brows. This technique will give you more fullness, shape and color. Leaving you with fluffy natural looking brows. Combination brows is great for all skin types but still not highly recommended for those little to no existing brows on mature skin. I do offer this to all clients upon request but always fully educate before moving forward. 


Now that you understand what each technique has to offer, now you must decided which technique would be best for your skin type and current brow conditions. 

Click the link below to take a look at the chart I have created to help guide you in the right direction. 

Which Eyebrow Technique Is Right For You

Please feel free to call me or to schedule a free consultation for more detailed information. 

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