Microblading and the Promise of Semi-Permanent Makeup


The idea of “full-time” makeup is becoming more and more popular in today’s society. Many people are finding that the time it takes to apply regular makeup, wash it off at night, and reapply the following day can be troublesome – not to mention expensive. While many opt for permanent makeup such as tattoos or implants, there is another option: microblading. 

Microblading offers clients semi-permanent makeup for an affordable price that lasts longer than traditional tattooing techniques but with less upkeep than implantation procedures. Read on to find out if microblading is right for you!

So What Is It?

Microblading is a cosmetic semi-permanent tattooing technique that uses a manual (not a machine) disposable handheld tool with very tiny needles, similar to the shape of a blade, to individually draw each hair and simultaneously deposit pigment into the skin.

What’s The Process Of Microblading?

Every new hairline drawn by a Master Artist should be intended to mimic the client’s natural brows and seamlessly blend them with the existing brows to provide color and fullness, resulting in a very natural look.

The microblading procedure ensures that we build a personalized form, appearance, and feel that complements your face and personality. With a trained Master Artists in command, the effects will be beautiful yet imperceptible.

Who Is Microblading For?

Microblading is a wonderful way for clients with patchy, thin, or uneven brows to get the most natural-looking results. However, not everyone qualifies for microblading, and there are various factors to consider, including skin condition and health.

Microblading is ideal for clients with normal skin and small pores. The Microblading hair stroke may grow and blur due to oil in the skin; therefore, the less oily the client’s skin is, the better the result will be.

Are There Different Techniques For Microblading?

Microblading is a form of tattooing that involves directly tattooing the epidermis (surface layer) of your skin, typically without piercing it. There are many techniques for performing Microblading. 1D Eyebrows, in which the hair strokes go in one direction—3D Eyebrows, in which the hair strokes are laid.

How Do I Maintain Them?

To keep the color crisp and new, an annual touchup is suggested after the initial complimentary touchup. External influences such as exposure to the sun, as well as internal ones such as pigment breakdown via your body’s metabolism, cause natural fading. Everyone’s experience of aging is different; it largely depends on skin type and lifestyle.


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