Saline Removal

Remove or Lighten Unwanted Permanent Makeup

Saline Removal

Remove and lighten undesired permanent makeup and small tattoos. Our saline solution is implanted into the skin using the same technique used for permanent makeup and is all organic.
No lasers or down time.

1 Sessions: $150 (per Session)

2 Sessions: $250

3 Sessions: $400

4 Sessions: $550

5 Sessions: $700

6 Sessions: $850 

EMERGENCY 48hr Tattoo Removal

Our Saline Emergency Removal will lighten and remove pigment/ink that was freshly tattooed within the first 48 hours of getting it done.

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The removal process uses a saline solutions that is implanted the same way used for permanent makeup to push and lift up the existing pigments that then lightens or removes botched permanent makeup. 

Pain tolerance can vary from person to person. It’s been described as a stinging feeling, but subtle. Topical numbing creams are used followed by a liquid anesthetic for a comfortable session. 

The healing process takes between 8-10 weeks. 

The number of sessions depends on the skin type, the depth of the implanted pigment and the type of ink/pigments used. Typically takes anywhere from 2-6 sessions, sometimes more. 

However, if your just lightening to get a fresh color boost, 1-3 sessions may be enough.

No, unlike laser tattoo removal, the hair will not be affected. It is vital to follow the aftercare instructions and not pick your scrabs attached to the hairs. 

Depending on how your skin heals, its recommended to wait 2 months after your last session giving time to fully heal. 

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