Tweezing your eyebrows to within an inch of their existence was all the rage in the late ’90s and early 2000s, followed by threading as the preferred technique to control unruly brows. Now microblading is the newest eyebrow style.

Microblading is a popular and trendy form of permanent makeup that has been in the news lately. It’s often advertised as being painless, but what are the true risks, and does it hurt? This blog post will explore those questions with an unbiased opinion.

Is Microblading Painful?

“Does microblading hurt?” you might be wondering, and you’re not alone in doing so. Because it is a semi-permanent tattoo, people contemplating microblading in London frequently worry about the potential for pain. The good news is that it isn’t painful to undergo.

The majority of clients who get microblading discover that the experience is tolerable and discomfort-free and most of the time end up falling asleep and is less painful than a traditional tattoo. Keep in mind your discomfort threshold as it does vary from person to person.

What to Expect:

After deciding on the technique and shape of your brows, a numbing cream will be applied to the region for 35-45 minutes. We will then choose the Perfect Brow Color that compliments your skin tone, hair color and eye color while waiting for the numbing cream to take effect. A second anesthetic is used during the procedure to manage and ensure that it is pain-free.

How Long Does It Take?

The microblading treatment is detailed work than a standard eyebrow tattoo procedure. Each session can take  between 3 and 4 hours, depending on the technique you choose and how you skin reacts and takes to the process.

Is Aftercare Painful?

Aftercare instructions will be given to you, as these are vital for your brows to heal properly. It’s typical for the region to feel sore and tender immediately after your session and a little red. Any discomfort or pain will be reduced with in hours, you may take Tylenol after your appointment.

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