Microblading Aftercare Instructions

Permanent makeup is a long process from Start to Healed results. Below will help you understand the aftercare instruction to better prepare you for any travel, events or work outings. 

Take care of your new investment, Read below for more!

What not to do

After a microblading procedure, a client must follow a few guidelines to prevent discomfort and problems.

Must Avoid during 14 days of Healing:

  • Avoid getting your eyebrows wet, other than when cleaning them
  • No creams using Retin-A, glycolic acid, or Renova
  • No sweating (working out; increased sweating will cause you to lose pigment
  • Avoid tasks with an abundance of airborne debris; dusting, garages, basement cleaning, convertible, boats, bicycles and motorcycles
  • No hot showers, it’s important to avoid steamy showers
  • No swimming, saunas, steam rooms, hot baths or Jacuzzi’s, these can open your pore and cause lose of pigment
  • No sunbathing or tanning beds
  • No laser or chemical treatments and/or chemical peels
  • Do not let any other makeup or products touch the brows area (this is an open wound, any bacteria on brushes, sponges hands or anything else that touches your brows can cause serious infections)
  • Do not pick scratch or rub any flaky skin/scabs, this will pull the pigment out
  • Do not allow your brows to feel tight and dry resulting in scabbing, (apply small amounts of ointment as needed to prevent scabbing)
  • Again.. do Not wear make up on the brows until completely healed

Microblading Aftercare Tips During Healing

All of the technician’s instructions should be followed to a “T” for the best results. In your aftercare bag you’ll receive one ointment that should last you for your initial appointment and your 6 week touch up. You’ll also be provided aftercare instruction card and email with more in depth information along with some goodies. 

Here are the After Care Instructions: 

  • 2 hours after your procedure clean your brows with a gentle liquid soap & water, Use nonaggressive movements and move in the direction of your brow, pat dry and apply a rice grain size of ointment. (Half a grain on each)

AFTER this first wash

  • Wash your eyebrows 2x a day. 1st wash in Morning and the 2nd wash before bed. Use nonaggressive movements and move in the direction of your brow, Let air dry 5 minutes.
  • If your brows are still wet, pat dry with cotton round. Important skin is completely dry before applying ointment.
  • Gently apply a very small amount (rice grain size) of aftercare ointment or coconut oil
  • If your brows feel tight and or dry through out the day, apply a little more ointment to prevent scabbing

Also, it is important to avoid:

  • Avoid touching your brows (wash your hands frequently especially before your wash and ointment application
  • Avoid washing your brows and face together, wash your brows separately to prevent bacterial spread
  • Avoid sleeping on your side, rubbing your brows on your pillow may cause your brows to peel off and produce patchy brow healing

How to wash the face safely

Its important you should wash your face gently, use nonaggressive movements and move in the direction of your brows

Cleansing tips:

  1. Use cool to luke warm water and a gentle soap, no exfoliators 
  2. lather the soap in to a foam either using a sponge, wash cloth or cleansed hands
  3. lather your brows in the soapy foam moving in the one direction of your brow to remove any dirt or skin that is ready to come off and thoroughly rise with water
  4. Do not pull, scratch or pick at any flaky skin as it will come off when it is ready
  5. Let your brows air dry or Gently pat dry them
  6. Apply a half a Rice grain amount of the provided ointment or just enough coconut oil to moisten the brow
  7. If though out the day they feel tight, Apply a small amount of ointment to prevent scabbing, your brows will flake as if you had a sunburn but you do not want it to dry and scab up

What to Expect After your brow appointment


When to see a doctor

Following home care instructions should prevent the need for a doctor’s visit.

However, if the skin on or around the brows looks infected (puss, tenderness and pain or more) notify me and  see a physician immediately. 


Follow the your technician’s instructions for caring for the skin during the next two weeks and trust the process.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to call/text and or email me at any time. 

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