Franco’s Italian Caffe

Franco’s Italian Caffe is a family-owned and operated restaurant in Scottsdale. Franco’s has been around for over 35 years, always providing an authentic and rustic dining experience to its customers.

Franco’s Italian Caffe: Authentic, Rustic Dining in Scottsdale

This restaurant is perfect for both casual dinings as well as special occasions. Franco’s Italian Caffe offers both indoor and outdoor seating. There is an extensive wine list—ask your server for a recommendation today!

Additionally, they have delicious salads, appetizers as well as entrees to satisfy any appetite. For more information about this restaurant, keep reading this blog post to find out!

Why do most people love to visit Franco’s Italian Caffe?

One of the big reasons is, the restaurant might seem like a small, unassuming place but it’s one of the most popular Italian restaurants in Scottsdale.

Another thing is, it is authentic and rustic with no frills inside either. The lighting is dim and romantic. It’s a place where couples go for special occasions or dates because of its ambiance that oozes romance.

However, the food here might look simple but it packs a punch in terms of flavor, especially the pasta dishes which are all served family-style (Family Style Dining) so you can enjoy their service.

What people can find if they visit this restaurant?

People will find authentic Italian food, prepared with fresh ingredients. The atmosphere is rustic and cozy. Additionally, they can visit for lunch or dinner in a great setting that feels like Italy but without having to travel thousands of miles away from their homes. Furthermore, people might want to come here if they love pasta dishes, risotto, pizza, and meatballs as well!

Why you would want to visit there?

This is because Franco’s Italian Caffe has been a local favorite since it opened its doors in 1985, and for good reason. They offer authentic cuisine with an exceptional dining experience. In addition, the atmosphere of the restaurant will draw you in as soon as you step inside. It feels like being transported to Italy itself, where all that matters is enjoying great.

In Conclusion

Franco’s Italian Caffe is an authentic, rustic Italian restaurant that serves up delicious pasta and pizza. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, come on by! However, you won’t find any frozen dishes here; each one is prepared from scratch using fresh ingredients every day!

Most importantly, the restaurant has an excellent catering menu so you can bring the authentic tastes of Italy into your next event or birthday party. Happy Franco’s Italian Caffe!

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