Eyebrow Mapping Explained

Eyebrow Mapping Explained: The Transformative Cosmetic Treatment

Eyebrow mapping is a beauty procedure that uses cosmetic tattoos to create the perfect eyebrows for you. The eyebrow mapping process begins by measuring your face by outlining your natural brow shape. 

Next, your technician will fill in this shape with the tattoo pigment, following all of your unique features. Eyebrow mapping can be used to fix many different types of eyebrow shapes, or it can be combined with other procedures like microblading to create a more dramatic effect!

Why do we need to map our eyebrows?

Let’s face it, we’ve all had brow mishaps, whether it’s from years of overplucking, a bad brow bar experience, or even the loss of brow hair. When our brows begin to grow back, they may frequently get out of shape.

Plucking an unusual hair that grows back is a simple mistake to make. Still, to have orderly, tidy AND correctly shaped brows, we must start mapping them as a foundation for determining where we should allow the hairs to grow back and where we should be removing hairs. It’s like building a “road map” for gorgeous brows.

Why is brow mapping important?

Eyebrow mappings determine the shape and size of your brows. Unlike a stencil, where you use a ‘pre-shaped stencil to draw your brow form, eyebrow mapping is personalized, taking into account your characteristics.

When the brows are drawn, it gives symmetry to your face while also balancing the eyes and defining the face, and when done correctly, it can provide the illusion of a lift around the eyes. We’d call that a win-win situation!

Brow mapping is sometimes used to achieve brow symmetry, but skilled brow experts may re-create unique brow profiles suited to each client without the need for a full Brow Mapping treatment.

We analyze the brow’s tip, arch, and tail and the brow length to create the suggested form based on a variety of client factors such as face form.

Working with a variety of types of brows is the most effective approach to enhance your brow tattooing. 


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