Best Color Eyebrows for Blondes


At some point, you may have been told that your eyebrows are not “blonde” enough. But what does this mean? Is there such a thing as the perfect color of eyebrows for blondes? The answer is yes and no. It depends on what you’re looking for in an eyebrow color. 

Simply put, if you want to enhance light hair or make it appear more golden, then go with a lighter hue (i.e., platinum blonde). If you want darker eyes and brows without going black, try ash brown or dark brown colors instead of charcoal gray because they will look better on fair skin tones than black ones.

Beautiful Brunettes

Women with brown hair have it easier in the brow department, as there are many more options to select from! Our best advice is to attempt to match your natural brow tone as closely as possible. Too light is preferable to too dark since the latter may appear harsh.

If you’re having trouble deciding on a hue, try mixing two! Choose the two most similar hues and use them both at once. It’s an added cost, but your brows are worth it! Just alternate colors and see how much more impact and definition you can achieve by using the darker one near the arch.

Take notice of your undertone as well. Your brow color should match whether you’re warm, cool, or neutral.

Bold Blondes

Blondes may have a more enjoyable time, but they also have more difficulty achieving visible brows. Fortunately, with the appropriate products in the proper hues, this is readily resolved. If you’re a natural blonde with fair brows, use a shade that’s just slightly darker to define them. We said “slightly” because you don’t want it too dark.

However, bleaching your brows is not the way to go! A) It’s a lot of time and effort. B) You won’t fool anyone. At some point, you will see roots whether you touch up frequently or not. Plus, bleach in the eyes? Not our fav.

A gel/pencil combination is ideal for blondes. The gel defines, which is important for hard-to-see blonde brows, and the pencil fills in the rest.

Rocky Redheads!

Redheads may find it difficult to match their brows because they are often associated with fire, but this isn’t the case. Typically, naturals do not have red brows, so don’t search for a red pencil to go with your locks. Instead, follow your natural brow shade.

If you’re a warm redhead, just a hint of copper will do; if you’re cooler, go for a rich brown. Choosing the correct brow color can make a huge difference in your appearance. It doesn’t have to be frightening with these easy guidelines!

Benefits of Nanoblading


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